With greater focus nowadays on the environment and energy conservation/generation, The Dulwich estate is drafting Policy Guidelines governing the installation of solar energy panels on properties subject to the Scheme of Management.

The Managers of the Scheme (Incorporated Trustees of The Dulwich Estate) recognise the need for enhancing the way energy is produced and consumed and solar panels can be effective in heating water and producing some electricity. However, almost all such installations require approval under the Scheme of Management even if they do not require planning permission from the local authority (but see below): residents are encouraged to contact the Scheme of Management office to discuss any proposals in advance.

Under the Scheme of Management, no alteration should be made to the external appearance of any building or structure or no new or additional building or structure should be erected without the prior written approval of the Managers.

Applications for the installation of solar energy panels should comply with the following:

  • Solar panels must not be visible from the road or other public spaces, such as parks, public gardens or sports grounds;
  • Solar panels on the front roof of a property are highly unlikely to be approved;
  • The location of solar panels on a roof at the rear of a property should be inconspicuous - the size of the panel should not dominate the roof or spoil the architectural character of the building;
  • Suitable alternative locations for solar panels may include; at low level in rear gardens, behind parapets, on flat roofs or on a garden building;
  • Obtain planning consent from the local authority: generally, solar panels in excess of 3 metres square may require planning consent.

The Conservation Office at Southwark Council has indicated; all development should preserve or enhance the historic character and appearance of buildings or areas of historical or architectural significance. Planning proposals that will have a material adverse effect on the historic environment will not be acceptable.

Contact details for the Scheme of Management Office are:

Ms Nina Rees, Scheme of Management Administrator, The Old Grammar School Building, Burbage Road, Dulwich SE 21 7AF. Tel: 020 8299 5666 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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