In the last issue of the Newsletter we included a piece on the famous film start of the 1940'-50's - David Farrar, who lived in Alleyn Park. This has prompted two of his former neighbours to recall those days. Gill Baird (née Peapell) and her sister Patsy Stephens write:

Your article about David Farrar brought back many memories of the times my sister Gill and I spent with his family when they lived in Alleyn Park. They lived in a huge house - probably number 14 (possibly the site of Rouse Gardens). It had a lovely garden with a grass tennis court. We often played tennis and David Farrar sometimes joined us. As their daughter, Barbara was an only child who did not attend school; Mrs Farrar was keen for her to have local friends. Although she was younger than us, she was so used to adult company that she seemed older in many ways. She was a demon at Canasta!

The basement of the house was where Barbara had a little theatre. We used to make up plays and once we performed at one of Barbara's parties. I remember being the Mad Hatter and Gill was the Dormouse (guess who was Alice?). On another occasion Mrs Farrar took us to the cinema. We walked down the end of Alleyn Park and caught the bus to Crystal Palace. As we walked down Church Road I could see the enormous photos of David advertising the film ' Cage of Gold'. As Mrs Farrar was paying for the tickets I kept thinking this is odd - surely she should get in for nothing! During the film whenever he kissed someone I looked at Mrs Farrar to see her reaction - disappointingly there was none. The film was too old for Barbara and I fancy we left before the end!

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