It became obvious during last summer that the national press had noticed croquet. Most of the erstwhile broadsheets had quite long articles and covered the championship at Cheltenham with varying degrees of detail and enthusiasm. We in Dulwich are so fortunate that there is a large amount of green space around us and a great deal of it is for us to use; and some of that by croquet clubs. Two lawns to be precise. We can, by traveling a few minutes, not have to go to The All England Club at Wimbledon, or the Cheltenham or even Melbourne, Australia, where a 2006 championship will be held, to play Association or Golf croquet.

Both types are embraced by the national Croquet Association and the rules for both are available on the internet. And both are available to Dulwich residents. Association rules mean that any player successful with a shot is able to continue a run of successful shots and entertain his fellow players while they stand and watch. Later it will be their turn. Golf croquet, my own preferred option, is, to quote the web site, more interactive; I tend to use the word 'sociable'. Four players proceed around hoops, taking it in turns to make a shot. Again, to quote the web site, it probably requires greater accuracy and tactical awareness to play golf croquet - as well as providing more sociability.

To find out more, contact the Dulwich Sports Club Ltd., (020 7274 1242) for Association Croquet or the Old College Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club for Golf Croquet (Pam Le Gassick 020 8766 7015)

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