Members will have received with the last edition of the Newsletter a complimentary copy of the Dulwich Society's Map of Remarkable Trees in Dulwich, compiled by the Trees Committee and illustrated by Rosemary Lindsay SBA. The response to this publication has been one of delight and the map will be a source of much pleasure for years to come.

Rosemary Lindsay trained first in architecture but now works mainly as a freelance botanical illustrator; a fascination with the structure of plants led to this change of occupation. She is a painting member of the Society of Botanical Artists and of the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society. Her paintings have been included in a British Council Travelling Exhibition on British Illustrators and numerous other shows including that of the R.H.S. Her work has appeared in the R.H.S. Plant Registers and The Plantsman. She contributes regularly to the quarterly journal Hortus and opens her garden in Burbage Road to the public under the National Gardens Scheme.

Further copies of the Tree Map are on sale in local shops price £3.50 or in a flat edition in a tube at £4.

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