Territorial Army Centre, Lordship Lane

The first phase of the redevelopment of High Wood Barracks, the former TA site in Lordship Lane, the construction of a smaller TA centre, is underway. The remainder of the site has been sold to Laing Homes and the Dulwich Society understands that they are currently in negotiation with Southwark Council about the percentage of social housing to be included within their scheme. The preliminary design of the flats shows several free standing blocks and we hope that they will be of a better architectural quality than those recently constructed behind the Harvester public house near the new development. 

33 Alleyn Park

This property has recently been purchased by a builder/developer who has made an application to the Dulwich Estate to demolish the existing house and build a new one. The Society has no objection in principle, in this particular case, but the current proposal is totally unacceptable being completely out of scale with the surroundings. We understand that Southwark Planning have similar reservations and we trust that the application will be rejected.

Fairfield, 9 Dulwich Village

Fairfield is a large 1920's house located next door to Dulwich Village Infants' School. It has recently been extensively refurbished (an article about it appeared in the Architects' Journal at the end of January) and the owner has also submitted a planning application to Southwark Council to build a further house in the rear garden. This has caused considerable anguish to many Sulwich Society members who live in Gilkes Crescent overlooking the site. The first proposal was withdrawn before Christmas and a second application for a smaller house submitted during January.

This proposal demonstrates one of the major problems in Dulwich. Many residents have enjoyed extensive rural aspects over other people's gardens for some years. Unfortunately there is no right to a view, and, as long as individual owners conform to basic planning constraints on overlooking and rights to light, they are entitled to extend and/or rebuild their properties without consideration of their neighbours.

In this particular case there are other considerations such as infill and safe access and no doubt Southwark Planning will take these into account in their deliberations. It has also been rumoured that a similar proposal is under consideration on the other side of Dulwich Village.

1 Fountain Drive

The Dulwich Estate's proposal to develop two new houses in the garden of this mid-Victorian property was rejected by Southwark Council on the grounds that the development would have an unacceptable impact on existing trees and wildlife.

Sainsbury's, Dog Kennel Hill

Sainsbury's have produced a consultation leaflet for local residents on their proposal to extend the existing supermarket and build a new block of flats on Dog Kennel Hill. There will be a reduction in the number of parking spaces and the Dulwich Hamlet football ground will remain in its present location. The flats appear to be of an acceptable design and thirty per cent are earmarked for key workers. No application has been made as yet and the Dulwich Society will reserve its position until they see the actual detailed proposals. 

Ian McInness

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