Poor Mobile 'Phone Reception Within The Dulwich Area

With the increasing use of mobile 'phones and changes in technology, various mobile 'phone operators are actively pursuing the possibility of installing new masts to improve signal quality within certain areas of the Dulwich Estate.

Operators have approached the Dulwich Estate to this end, and its Board of Trustees has decided that it would be in the best interests of the Charity, and of the Scheme of Management in Dulwich, to take a proactive rather than reactive stance in dealing with these contacts. The Board's policy is that it will not permit masts to be erected on the Estate within close proximity to residents' homes. There are, however, unpopulated sites in elevated positions, which might be able to accommodate a mast without adverse impact on the amenity of the Estate.

The mobile 'phone providers (with the Estate's consent and, where appropriate, its tenants' consent) will be carrying out surveys to see whether the sites are in fact suitable. In permitting the surveys, it does not imply that the Board will ultimately agree to the installation of any masts. However, the Board considers it is better to examine the alternatives now, rather than to be faced with a fait accomplis should local authorities or other land owners decide to locate masts on property over which the Estate has no control, such as roadways, or other land in close proximity to the Estate and its residents. Any proposed structure would, of course, be subject to review and approval by the Scheme of Management Committee, in accordance with the Estate's usual policy.

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