South Dulwich We have encouraged Southwark Council in its proposals for a 20mph zone in the area including Alleyn Road and Alleyn Park. These wide roads suffer the noise and danger of fast traffic, which the speed cushions installed some years ago have largely been ineffective in controlling. A preliminary survey by the council confirmed residents' support for stronger measures. After further local consultation, such measures are to be put in before the end of March. The Society's Traffic and Transport Committee has fed in comments, based on the local knowledge of its members in South Dulwich.

In parallel with this 20mph zone, the council and the Dulwich Estate are collaborating on measures to reduce traffic danger on College Road south of the South Circular and on Fountain Drive. These roads have experienced several bad crashes in recent months. The proposed measures should slow traffic and improve safety. If the scheme is approved by the Board of Trustees it will then by discussed with residents living in the College Road area.

Several of the crashes in these roads have involved motor cycles, the numbers of which are increasing rapidly across London in response to the congestion charge on cars. We have suggested to the Estates Trustees that motor cyclists should be charged for going through the Toll Gate.

Red Post Hill Residents have long complained about traffic speeds. The growing numbers of pupils attending the Charter School add to the need for traffic calming. A pupil was recently injured by a car near the school entrance on the brow of the hill above North Dulwich Station. The Society assisted the recently-formed residents' committee to arrange an open meeting to discuss the problems and possible solutions. The meeting was well attended by local people, by local Councillors and representatives of the Charter School. News came through just before the meeting that a bid by Southwark Council to Transport for London for funds for safer routes to the group of schools in North Dulwich, including the Charter School, had been successful.

The meeting formulated a petition, which has gained support from over a hundred households. We look forward to working with the council, the schools and Transport for London to achieve improvements both for the schools and for residents.

Gallery Road The Old College Tennis Club, the Picture Gallery and other frontages need car parking on Gallery Road for their members and visitors. We have worked with them and with Southwark Council to design parking arrangements which will also slow traffic and preserve the road's rural character. We hope the new layout will be in place shortly and will live up to the expectations of all those who have been party to the discussions.

Car parking for West Dulwich Station The last Newsletter carried a questionnaire on the idea of controlled access to Belair car park after dark via a barrier in Gallery Road. We wanted to assess potential demand. A small number of readers have responded, almost all positively. In the light of this, we will be discussing the matter further with the council. If you did not respond, please do so; it's not too late.

Cycling Southwark Council will be installing about 100 new cycle parking stands throughout the borough this spring. We have identified locations for about 20 in the Dulwich area. Please give us suggestions for more.

Alastair Hanton
Chair, Traffic and Transport Committee
Tel. 020 8693 2168

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