Obituary - Philip Poole-Wilson

The sudden death of Philip Poole-Wilson on 4th March at the age of 65 stunned and shocked his many friends in Dulwich. He and his wife Mary had lived in Dulwich for 26 years bringing up their 3 children and it was the home base from which he conducted an outstandingly successful career as a cardiologist. It was, however, possibly only the publication of lengthy obituaries in the leading national press and the warm eulogy delivered at his funeral in the College Chapel that brought home to those outside his medical world just what a celebrated international figure he was.

Philip held five visiting professorships, gave 39 named lectures, was an honorary member of 13 overseas societies of cardiology, and supervised 48 MD and PhD students, 29 of whom went on to hold professorships. He served on the boards of 31 journals, was involved with 26 major drug trials, was the author or co-author of 538 publications and edited, or contributed to, more than 100 books. He was head of cardiac medicine at the Royal Brompton, National Heart and Lung Hospital (1988) and at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London (1997), was president of the European Society of Cardiology (1994-96) and head of the World Heart Federation (2003-05) and received numerous international honours.

Despite this whole hearted commitment and his outstanding contribution to cardiology, Philip tried to find time for his hobbies of sailing, gardening, amateur ornithology, and the opera. He and Mary were also dedicated supporters of the Picture Gallery. He was an engaging friend who enjoyed discussing a multitude of topics expressing trenchant views but always with wit and natural good humour.

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