Anne Shelton

SHELTON, Anne 1923-1994. Singer. During WW2, one of the scholars at the Sacre Coeur Convent in Honor Oak was Patricia Jacqueline Sibley, living at 112 Woodwarde Rd. Although recordings had been issued earlier under that name, as a child vocalist, it was not until she was auditioned by that astute judge of female vocalists, Bert Ambrose, that she emerged as Anne Shelton. There then ensued between 1940 and 1945 a string of records with the Ambrose Orchestra which disclosed a rich warm voice of quite outstanding maturity.

Billy Amstell, a member of the Ambrose Orchestra, recalled her nervous agitation at audition, although accompanied by her mother. In a later interview, Anne herself confided that at that stage of her career she thought a key was something used to open doors. Her enduring fame is based on her World War Two popularity, which included a delightful 1943 film Miss London Ltd, in which her charming personality is most apparent. She sang with Bing Crosby, at his request, and received the ultimate accolade, appearances with the band of the United States Air Force under the redoubtable Glenn Miller in 1943-4. Anne Shelton lived in Court Lane until her death in 1994.

Brian Green