SPICER, Sir Evan 1849-1937. Wholesale paper manufacturer, stationer and philanthropist. Evan Spicer lived at ‘Belair’ from the 1890s until his death. He was a leading Congregationalist and President of the British and Foreign School Society. He led the way in the establishment of the South London Polytechnics Institutes Scheme. He invited ‘a few men of worth’ to Belair to discuss the means by which money could be raised for Battersea and Borough Polytechnics and Goldsmith’s College. He chaired the first Finance Committee for Battersea. He was a founding trustee of the City Parochial Foundation from 1891 until 1937 and its Chairman from 1920-1933. He served as the member for Newington of the London County Council and was its Chairman in 1906-7. He was knighted in 1917.

Arthur Chandler