HALL, Lt Col Sir Frederick 1864-1932. Politician. He had a career in the City before becoming Conservative MP for Dulwich in 1910. He retained the seat until his death in 1932. He was the last private owner, from 1906-1908, of Eastlands, a large house occupying the site currently covered by Eastlands Crescent; but he lived in central London once he became MP. He served with distinction with the Royal Field Artillery in World War One, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and being awarded the DSO in 1917. In 1915, he succeeded in raising a brigade of 4300 men drawn from the Borough of Camberwell for the regiment; the men drilled and the horses grazed on the Dulwich Hamlet football field. He was knighted in 1918 and made a baronet in 1923.

Hilary Rosser