EMERY, Prof. Walter Bryan 1903-1971. Egyptologist. Born in Liverpool, Emery witnessed the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun. In 1929 he was appointed Director of the Archaeological Survey of Nubia with instructions to explore and excavate all the ancient sites in Lower Nubia which would be flooded by the second raising of the Aswan Dam. He advised on the dismantling and transport of the temples including Abu Simbel to safe sites and carried out many excavations at Saqqara for the Egyptian government. Elected to the Edwards Chair of Egyptology at University College, London, in 1951, he wrote a standard work on Egyptology published by Penguin in 1961. He and his wife, Molly (née Cowley), whom he married in 1928, had their home for many years at 1 Alleyn Road. Emery died in Cairo in March 1971.

Patrick Darby and Jill Alexander