In 1787 John Morgan, lord of the manor of Penge and a lessee of Dulwich property in the Grange Lane area, proposed making a new road from Penge to Dulwich High Road, via Dulwich Common, at his own cost, with free use by the College and its tenants, and in that year he was granted a lease of ‘so much of the College Wood adjoining Penge Common and Low Cross Lane as should be necessary to make a road, not more than 30 ft wide, from the top of the wood down to the fields in his occupation’. In 1789 it was reported by the College Surveyor that ‘The Road down Locus Lane is now the admiration of the County’. The road in question was the modern College Road, (qv), Low Cross Wood Lane (formerly called Church Walk) being now a footpath linking that road with Crescent Wood Road.