The Executive Committee's proposals for a new set of Rules

There was a disappointingly low turnout at the SGM called to update Society’s Rules. A majority voted in favour of the changes proposed but not sufficient to achieve the two thirds required.

The current Rules, the constitution that governs the Dulwich Society, were adopted in 1964 and, together with some minor amendments, have served us well since. The charitable mission of the Society, “to foster and safeguard the amenities of Dulwich” has stood the test of time and will not change. However, the Covid lockdown triggered a review of our rules and we saw that there are several areas where our Rules need modernising  We are proposing to add new clauses to:
- allow us to sign up members via our website
- codify the holding of meetings over Zoom and to allow for electronic voting
- codify the making of urgent decisions of the Executive Committee by email
- authorise the Executive Committee to permit the use of proxies at general meetings
- make some of the notice periods more practical
- increase by two the number of permitted Executive Committee members to allow the diversification of our activities

In addition, we have sought to enhance transparency and accountability by:
- introducing retirement by rotation, the regular resignation of members of the Executive Committee with the possibility of re-election
- enacting into the Rules the decisions of the SGM of last year
- the setting of terms of reference for the work of sub-committees
- codifying the code of conduct of members
- requiring a policy for the safeguarding of members personal data
- clarifying the role of the president
- the elimination of the role of honorary vice presidents


To the members of the Dulwich Society
A review has taken place of the Society’s Rules. These were originally adopted in 1964 and were last amended in 2019. There is no proposed change to the Objects of the Society, but a number of changes are proposed to ensure its efficient running and long-term success.
A Special General Meeting of the Dulwich Society will be held at 8pm on Monday 27 June 2022 in the Function Room at The Crown and Greyhound, 73 Dulwich Village, London, SE21 7BJ to consider, and if thought fit, to adopt revised Rules reflecting these changes.
This is a meeting for members only and is not a public meeting.

1.    Introduction from the Chair and apologies for absence
2.    Proposal: that the Society adopts with immediate effect the new Rules displayed in draft on the

  • Society’s website
  • Questions and discussion

Vote on the revised Rules 
3.    Close of meeting

The vote will be for approval of the revised Rules in full.  Amendments will not be taken either before or during the meeting.
Adoption of the Proposal requires a majority of at least two thirds of members present and entitled to vote. Voting will be determined by a show of hands, with one vote per household membership.
The draft revised Rules can be found here.

Heather Stubbs, Hon. Secretary, Dulwich Society, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
27 April 2022