Traffic Dangers

Further to the invitation to propose a CGS grant in ‘Looking Around with the Editor’ in the last edition of the Journal, here is my very modest suggestion.

A yield sign on the central divider of the roundabout at the junction of Sydenham Hill and Westwood Hill plus a pedestrian crossing.

This is the northernmost edge of College Ward but the double roundabout is an accident waiting to happen. Traffic eastbound from Crystal Palace speeds off after the 1st roundabout with Fountain Drive and clearly many people hate yielding at the almost immediate 2nd roundabout with Sydenham Hill.

I had the AA’s support when several years ago I proposed this to Southwark but they said a sign (then costing £300) was too expensive. All they did was to paint yield signs in the lanes approaching the second roundabout, which is better than nothing but often disregarded.

You will know that the Highway Code is absolute. Traffic must yield to vehicles already on the roundabout. I maintain a yield sign would be a constructive improvement. A pedestrian crossing at a spot to be decided at Sydenham Hill junction would be an absolute plus.

Fred Emery, Woodsyre, Sydenham Hill