Sydenham Hill Wood has had a good summer for wildlife sightings. The volunteers have continued the weekly butterfly survey and report that species seen in the wood have included: green-veined white; ringlet; small, large and Essex skipper; peacock, red admiral, comma, holly blue, meadow brown and excitingly, a white letter hairstreak - a Priority Species.

In July a monthly moth survey was launched which involved using a portable moth trap that uses a bright light to attract the moths into the box, where they can be released unharmed. So far twenty-five species have been identified. During one of these evening surveys a lot of noise was heard coming from the border between the Sydenham Hill Wood and Dulwich Wood and Cox’s Walk. The volunteers investigated and found three very loud Tawny Owls perched high in the treetops.

The pair of Kestrels which nest in the spire of St Peter’s Church, at the bottom of Cox’s Walk, have successfully fledged their third consecutive hover of three Kestrels. No doubt one of these is the juvenile Angela observed at her home in Dovercourt Road.