In the last issue of the Journal some information was given regarding the Dulwich Society’s plans to mark, with plaques, the sites where there were multiple civilian deaths in Dulwich (to include adjacent areas of East Dulwich) as a result of air-raids in World War Two.  The plaques will be in engraved stainless steel, where necessary fixed to an upright stainless steel post.   The precise wording on the plaques has yet to be finalised, but will include the date of the attack, the number of victims killed as a result of the incident and the type of bomb or rocket used. The Society would like to contact as many of the relatives of those killed as possible, to inform them of progress in the commemoration and to invite them to the unveiling of individual plaques in 2013. 
Please inform Patrick Spencer, Hon. Secretary, The Dulwich Society, 7 Pond Cottages SE21 7LE of their names and addresses as soon as possible.

The specific sites so far identified are:

  • Albrighton Road, Dog Kennel Hill, 29 killed in an air-raid shelter by high explosive bomb 9.9.1940.  The site subsequently visited by the HM The King and Queen.  The plaque to be placed in the garden of the community building in  Albrighton Road.
  • Burbage Road 4 killed 16.4.1941 by high explosive bomb, 4 killed 22.6.1944 by V1 rocket.  A plaque to commemorate both incidents to be placed on grass triangle at the crossroads of Burbage/Turney Roads.
  • Court Lane (at the junction with Dovercourt Road)  7 killed 6.1.1945 by V2 rocket.  A plaque to be fixed above the seat, to the railings enclosing the green, opposite Court Lane Gardens.
  • Friern Road/Etherow Street   24 killed 1.11.1944 by V2 rocket.  A plaque to be placed on the  grass triangle at the junction of Friern Road/Lordship Lane.
  • Lordship Lane Co-op Stores  23 killed 5.8.1944 by V1 rocket.  A  plaque to be placed on wall on the site.
  • Lytcott Grove/Melbourne Grove/Playfield Crescent  9 killed 16.9.1940 by high explosive bomb.  11 killed 17.1.1943 by parachute mine.  A plaque, commemorating both incidents, to be placed on the grassed area at the junction of Melbourne Grove/Lytcott Grove.
  • Park Hall Road  4 killed 4.7.1944 by V1 rocket.  A plaque to be placed in raised flower bed at the  junction of Park Hall Road/Croxted Road.
  • Woodwarde Road/Lordship Lane 14 killed 6.7.1944 by V1 rocket.  A plaque to be placed in front of Dulwich Library.
  • Quorn Road/Dog Kennel Hill 6 killed 15.9.1940 by High Explosive bomb.  Plaque to be placed on railings junction of Quorn Road/Dog Kennel Hill.

Consideration is being given to the inclusion of other sites.