The Future of Dulwich Hospital - A response from NHS Southwark

Thank you for raising awareness among your readers of the work we are doing on developing Health Services in the Dulwich area. I though it might be helpful to offer some additional detail and context.

This first stage has been an engagement exercise rather than a consultation – we have started by asking people what health services they would like to see provided in their local community. We have had a good response, and there was a public meeting held on the 24th July where the results of that exercise were fed back to members of the community. As a result of this we will be doing further work in the following service areas: primary care, maternity services and care of children in the first year of life, services for people with long term conditions and mental health service for people with mild/moderate depression and anxiety. We are also looking at what out-patient and diagnostic services can be provided more locally.

Later in the year we will be having a consultation which will cover both the service model – i.e. some proposals and options on what services we might be able to have locally, and also on the options for where those services might be – and those options will include the future use of the Dulwich Hospital site.

Rebecca Scott
Programme Director - Dulwich Project  NHS Southwark