A Loose Cannon

Despite the fact that the land Dulwich Park occupies has been tilled for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, it is all the more surprising that nothing of archaeological value turned up during the months of excavation and earth moving to carry out the recent flood alleviation scheme. In the interests of the Dulwich Society, the Notebook compiler cross-examined the contractors but was rewarded with only a negative response. No Roman villa had come to light, no post holes of a medieval dwelling, no evidence of past agriculture, no artefacts of any kind as the great project came to a close. Well not quite. As the last days of the project approached, Jeremy Prescott was also having a final look of the many he had taken over the months, of the mounds of turned earth, when he spotted something.

It was a musket ball, lying on the top of the soil. He found it by the entrance on Court Lane, next to the path. Unless someone was taking a stroll in the park with an old musket ball in his or her pocket, the only explanation would appear to be that it was a stray shot, fired by a careless or inaccurate soldier a couple of hundred years ago; for that is when the musket ball appears to date. Jeremy thinks it is the same size as ball from a Brown Bess musket which had an effective range of 175 yards, but which could clearly travel further.

 It is known that the volunteers, raised during the Napoleonic wars had carried out manoeuvres on Dulwich Common. Notices had been posted up in the village to form an ‘Army of Defence’. A company numbering 90 was formed and existed from 1804-1814 when it was disbanded, the threat of invasion and civil unrest having passed. The map shown was made on the orders General The Earl of Harrington for the purpose of manoeuvring a body of the Volunteer Force. At the time, the Secretary of War, Charles Yorke had said, “I say that in these days, it is better to run the hazard even of people making bad use of their arms, than they should be actually in a state of the use of them. I can safely aver that I cannot see any real danger which is likely to accrue to the internal peace of the country when I consider the present dispositions of the people”.

Dulwich Hamlet Junior School launches an Academy

Dulwich Hamlet Educational Trust (Dulwich Hamlet Juniors) in Dulwich Village is launching a new academy status school in September on the borders of East Dulwich and Peckham named Belham Primary School. The school, which is located in the former Victorian school building at the corner of Bellenden Road and Maxted Road will initially offer places to 90 children. The current head of Dulwich Hamlet, Mrs Sonia Case will be chief executive of both schools. The school will offer working parents and carers extended care for children from 7.45am (including a breakfast club) until 5.45pm with a range or clubs available before and after school.

2016 Calendars of Dulwich Scenes

Possibly for the first time, a monthly calendar of Dulwich scenes has been produced and is on sale at The Art Stationers, Dulwich Village. Available in A4 and A3 spiral format and in full colour and with spaces for notes, it has twelve of Dulwich’s iconic scenes. The photography is by Brian Green. The price of the A4 calendar is £8.95 and the A3 is £14.95

Neighbourhood Forum

Several of the Residents’ Associations in Dulwich Village have been discussing the possibility of setting up a neighbourhood forum in the Dulwich Area. At least two other areas in the north of Southwark are in the preliminary stages and the Herne Hill Forum is also actively looking at the possibility. A meeting will be held in September to assess the amount of interest locally and , more importantly, the level of commitment in taking it forward.

SUSTRANS Quietways Dulwich Cycle Routes discussion forums

Walkabouts: Meet Calton Ave/Townley Road Junction

Thursday 17th September, 8:00-9:30 / 15:00-16:30 / 17:30-19:00


First Workshops: Dulwich Village Hall / St Barnabas Church TBC

Wednesday 23rd September, 18:00 - 21:00

Saturday 26th September, 10:30 - 13:30


Concept Design Workshop: Dulwich Village Hall / St Barnabas Church TBC

Saturday 3rd October, 12:30 - 15:30

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