What if we told you that the solution to loneliness could cost you £25 a year?

The U3A learning model has a positive cost-effective and sustainable impact on the wellbeing and future of retired people in the UK.

This report outlines the Principles of the U3A in promoting values of Lifelong Learning for people in the period of life when fulltime employment has ceased. This is organised through Self-help principles with learning for enjoyment being paramount, where there is no distinction between teachers and learners and costs are kept to a minimum.

The conclusion of this report suggests that while much of the public debate around ageing is predicated on a deficit model and dependency approach, the U3A offers an alternative ageing experience built on shared learning, skill sharing and volunteering. It demonstrates the value of communities that are not defined by age, or by past experience, but instead are defined by the experiences still to be explored.

On Thurs 13th Sept 12.00-2.00 Dulwich and District U3A is holding an Interest group Fair at St. Barnabas Parish Hall, where nearly 80 Interest groups will be on display. Come and see what you can join for only £25 annual membership fee.

All activities are advertised on our website, together with a link to this U3A Learning not Lonely Impact Report: https://u3asites.org.uk/dulwich

University of the Third Age Impact Report: ‘Learning not Lonely , published by the Third Age Trust

Liz Day ( Chair D&D U3A)