Our Healthy Streets

During May and following on from the Society’s successful traffic meeting on 12th January, Southwark Council has been consulting local residents on both sides of Lordship Lane about the impact of traffic on their environment. It chose an area where there are a number of significant traffic hotspots, and one which was large enough for a strategic approach to be appropriate, but small enough for a reasonable expectation that any proposed improvements could be funded. If successful, the Council will consider taking a similar area-based approach in other neighbourhoods in the future.

A detailed report on the consultation will be discussed at the next Dulwich ‘Empowering Communities Programme’ meeting (DECP) meeting on Wednesday 19th September and all those who responded at the consultation meetings, or online, will be contacted. Initial feedback shows that responses are split 75/25% between Dulwich Village and East Dulwich with most coming from the 35-54 age group. The top three priorities overall were to improve air quality at pollution hotspots, introduce measures to help pupils to walk or cycle to school and to have an area-wide approach to traffic management.

In Dulwich Village the more specific concerns were high traffic volume (particularly at the AM and PM peak times in the school terms), air quality (particularly for younger children) and pedestrian safety at the Dulwich Village junction. In East Dulwich the top issues were pedestrian safety at road junctions, speeding in Barry Road and traffic volume in Underhill Road.

There will be a further public engagement meeting on 16th October where a series of workshops will help focus on how residents respond to the report’s conclusions.

Water Fountains

To everyone’s surprise, Thames Water began work on Thursday 18th July on installing a water fountain on the corner of Calton Avenue and Dulwich Village. There was a report in the Guardian the day before that the Mayor had identified 100 locations throughout London for the fountains but there had been no consultation locally at all - though it appears that the Council had been planning it for some time. While the idea is clearly a good one, allowing people to refill their water bottles, the design of the standard unit might not be to everyone’s taste. http://moderngov.southwark.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ID=6745

Parking in Parks

Southwark Council have confirmed that they intend to go ahead with charging for parking in parks despite the large number of objections. It appears, however, that the Council has run into a problem over Belair Park, which is on a 200-year lease from the Dulwich Estate - and one of the provisions of that lease is that the land should remain freely accessible to the public at all times. We understand that lawyers are on the case. See http://moderngov.southwark.gov.uk/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=50019807&Opt=0 for the Council’s response to the many objections.

Defibrillators in Dulwich

The Society contributed £500 towards the installation of a defibrillator at Bell House and the Dulwich Estate has said that it is about to install an external one next to the Crown and Greyhound. In the meantime, the Society has found out that there are four others in the local area, at James Allen’s Girls School pre-prep on the corner of Dulwich Village and Village Way, the Dental Practice at 112 Dulwich Village, the Dulwich Picture Gallery and the Dulwich Park Cafe. Unfortunately, there are no general signs as to where they are.

Zero Waste Shopping

The former magician’s shop in Herne Hill has been taken over by a new zero-waste shop called Jarr Market- the magician has decided he no longer needs a street presence as his business is online. Its aim is to do away with unnecessary food packaging, by encouraging customers to bring their own containers to buy the products on sale - which include grains, cereals, spices, pastas, nuts, condiments, coffee, tea and a range of toiletries and cleaning products, even some sweet treats. There are two other similar shops in the local area, ‘Bring Your Own’ on Evelina Road in Nunhead and ‘Gather’ on Bellenden Road in Peckham.