Burbage Road Mural

Initiated by Dulwich Sports Club and supported by the Burbage Road Residents' Association, the proposal for the Burbage Road mural was that it should be a creative piece of art work, an inspiring celebration of sports enjoyed in the road through its history to the present day, referencing in particular cricket, croquet, squash, tennis, hockey, cycling and running. An added bonus was that the mural was painted as part of this year's Dulwich Festival Artists' Open House (virtual), an opportunity for community engagement and education and the promotion of the road's sports facilities.

Designed by Katrina Russell Adams, a South London based print maker and visual artist and painted by street artist Lionel Stanhope, the work references cricket, croquet, squash, tennis and hockey - the five clubs who have their home today in Dulwich Sports Club (tennis ball and racket, squash ball, squash racket, cricket stumps and bales, a croquet mallet and the coloured peg which shows the order of play, a hockey stick. There are obvious references to cycling and the Velodrome track. The work also references the colours of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club, blue and pink, in the rear bike wheel.

The project has been sponsored by thr Dulwich Society, Dulwich Sports Club and Network Rail.

Litter Pick-up

Thanks to the efforts of members of the Dulwich Society, Gallery Road verges have now been cleared of litter and debris and fallen branches removed. In Dulwich Park, the heightened use for recreation during the virus has created much litter and ten volunteers from Friends of Dulwich Park carried out partial litter sweeps. Park litter sweeps have now become a regular initiative. Volunteers should meet at the Park café at 9am on Mondays

Some residents think that it is time Southwark Council changed its road cleansing methods. Road sweepers daily place litter in plastic bags next to street bins but these are not collected until the following day, during which time foxes have scattered the contents far and wide. Surely this system needs to be altered? After all, the overtime cost for same day collection would surely be balanced by the time saved from additional clearing up after the foxes.

Images of Dulwich Calendar 2021

This popular calendar containing twelve monthly views of Dulwich scenes in spiral bound A4 opening to A3 format for notes, is available from The Art Stationers 31 Dulwich Village. The calendar makes an ideal and inexpensive gift to send by post.

Sydenham Hill Wood - heavy footfall during lockdown

Samuel Taylor, the recently appointed new Project Officer, has continued to work in the Wood throughout the lockdown, without any volunteers. Volunteer activities may be resumed in early August, but with smaller numbers allowed per session. He has reported heavy footfall - almost double the number of visitors compared to the same period the previous year (there are gate counters to monitor visitor numbers). He is pleased that so many people have been able to enjoy the wood during lockdown, but the increase in numbers has put more pressure on the wood and he has seen an increase in the level of trampling. New paths opened up as people have tried to get off the beaten track and also to ensure social distancing. The closure of the bridge has added to this pressure as people seek shortcuts around the bridge.