Herne Hill Velodrome

Problems with snow led to the cancellation in December of the reception aimed at promoting the restoration of the Herne Hill Velodrome. The postponed meeting was held in February and a further Public Meeting has been announced for Tuesday 22nd March at Dulwich College at 7.30pm. The plans for a possible replacement of the velodrome, by the architects of the Stratford Olympic Velodrome have been shown to representatives of local interests and to volunteers who have kept the complex operating for the past few years. The Dulwich Society has made a grant from its own funds of £5000 to support the work of the Velodrome Committee in carrying out preliminary professional work on the lease and the governance structure.

Road danger reduction

The Dulwich Society is in discussion with the Police about their use of the hand-held speed monitoring devices provided for them through the Dulwich Community Council. The casualty statistics show that road injuries are concentrated on the main roads, so it is seeking firmer speed controls on these roads. It has asked particularly for surveillance on Half Moon Lane, East Dulwich Road and Gallery Road.

Southwark Council CGS grants

The Society successfully bid for five CGS (cleaner-greener-safer) grants in 2010. These have been completed and are 1. Circular bench in memory of Lt Evison in Dulwich Village. 2. Alteration to the gate at Cox’s Walk to allow buggy access to Dulwich Woods. 3. replacement bench in memory of Bernard Webb outside Barclays Bank, Dulwich Village. 4. Heritage Red fingerpost at the top of Red Post Hill. 5. Re-turfing of the grass verges in Dulwich Village from the St Barnabas Parish Hall to the Crown & Greyhound.

Visit to Buckingham Palace Garden

We are very fortunate that Mark Lane, (Gardens Manager of Buckingham Palace), who is a member of the Trees Committee, will lead a curatorial walk exclusively for the Dulwich Society on Saturday 9th April starting at 3.30pm. He will introduce many of the unusual plantings, both old and more recent, and it is also hoped some of the later camellias will still be in flower, amongst all the fresh spring growth. This will be preceded with a brief introductory talk about the History and Development of the Garden. Numbers are limited so book early.

Tickets £21 are available by completing the form on page 37.

Dulwich Gardens open for charity 2011

Enclosed with this issue is the 2011 edition of the Dulwich Society publication ‘Dulwich Gardens open for charity’. We very much hope that you will find it both interesting and useful. It gives details of a wide range of gardens to visit – everything from a Brixton balcony to a half acre ‘country garden’. Enjoy your visits.