Chairman’s Comment

The appearance of many roads in Dulwich has been seriously compromised by the recent changes to the Council’s refuse collection regime. While recycling clearly has its positive side, the downside is the three different coloured bins – blue, green and brown.

Back in the summer of 2009 I drew attention to the unattractive appearance of many front gardens. I wondered why so many residents spent considerable sums of money maintaining and/or redesigning their rear gardens, and took so little interest in their front gardens which were on public view. Bin blight has made things much worse.

Why are so many of the bins left in front gardens all the time and why can’t the owners of semis and detached houses not store them somewhere else out of sight? Surely they could afford a dustbin enclosure which would hide them.

It is obviously not so easy for terrace houses and it’s a great pity that the Council did not think of this when they introduced the new system. Council officers have now confirmed that smaller boxes and bins are available but this option has not been widely advertised. Perhaps Eric Pickles’ recent offer of additional funds to restore weekly collections may be a solution – if the Council takes it up of course.

The cleaning and repair of those white posts in College Road which are Council responsibility remains on hold pending a date from the Community Support Team. Those at the north end of the Village outside the Old Burial ground have now been dealt with after pressure from the Society.

The Society is in the process of updating its membership list and would like to have the facility to send our members information and updates on important local issues by email. At the moment we do not have members’ email addresses and it would be very useful if we did. Several local residents associations do and they have found it extremely useful in generating member awareness.

The addresses would only be used for important local issues - the recent proposal for the redevelopment of the Crown and Greyhound is a good example, upcoming Society walks and talks or other events which do not easily fit with the Journal’s regular time table. If you are happy for us to contact you via email please send an email to Membership Update: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will add your email address to our membership list.