Gallery Road Hedgerow Restoration

The hedgerow in Gallery Road (west side) has received a much needed makeover. Local residents, assisted by volunteers from the London Wildlife Trust, planted some 250 small trees on 12th November 2011, and further trees were added during the following week. More than 40 volunteers took part in this project, which was funded by the Dulwich Society and the Dulwich Community Council. We planted a wide selection of native trees, mainly hawthorn, hazel, field maple, alder, buckthorn, spindle, crab apple and guilder rose, to make the hedge more attractive and enhance the wildlife habitat. A great deal of clearing and litter-picking had to be done before the planting could begin. The vegetation on either side of Gallery Road provides an important wildlife corridor and the additional planting will be invaluable to birds, small mammals, insects and butterflies. The trees are also a pleasant and welcoming sight when entering Dulwich from the South Circular and give a traditional rural feel to the Village. More work will have to be done in future, but we hope to see much immediate improvement this Spring. Please get in touch if you would like to take part in ongoing hedge restoration work.

Sigrid Collins
Secretary - Wildlife Committee