The Scarecrows are Coming - probably !

Last year Southwark Council in a fit of generosity or guilty conscience allocated the sum of £50,000 to the ‘South of the Borough’ to be spent on community events, possibly to relieve the gloom of the prolonged recession. The other areas of the borough (north and middle i.e. Bankside/Bermondsey and Rotherhithe and Camberwell/Peckham/Walworth) received similar pots of money.

Representatives from the Dulwich Society were invited to several meetings with officers and they, together with most of the others present stressed that the Dulwich Festival was the proper medium through which any largesse should be funnelled. The result is four pop-up projects which will be on view during the Festival at the Dulwich Park Fair on 19th May. These include Graham the Artist from The Scarecrows project who will create a narrative for the area based on its history. Schools and community groups of all ages will create ‘scarecrows’ or life sized models and over a week they will be placed around the area and mysteriously move overnight to eventually gather at a final meeting point to which the public will be invited to see them in their entirety and discover that each scarecrow has a story to tell.

The Scarecrows are Coming week beginning 6th May leading to final installation Saturday 11th May.