Look out for tree labels appearing on some trees in Dulwich Park. We have an exceptionally good variety of tree species locally, including rare and special specimens, particularly in our parks. Some of the trees in Peckham Rye Park already sport identification labels, thanks to the Friends of Peckham Rye Park. The Dulwich Society Tree Committee thought it would be a good idea to similarly label a selection of trees in Dulwich Park. There's no shortage of trees to choose from in Dulwich Park, so it would be a case of deciding which ones to select. The Friends of Dulwich Park were enthusiastic at the suggestion and wll be helping us to label 100 trees. The Park management and the Head Gardener, Gerry Kelsey, are also supporting the project and the Dulwich Society is providing the funding. The labels which are being used in both parks are small lightweight ones, as used by Kew - ones which will not damage the trees. The Tree Committee have selected a good range of trees for labelling. For example, there will be labels on 12 species of oak, including the rare Chinese Cork Oak. The labels have been purchased and will start appearing as the trees come into leaf. So, look out for the labels!