The Dulwich Society has several events in the programme of this year’s Dulwich Festival. On Sunday 13th May at 2 pm and 4pm Ian McInnes will conduct a walk entitled Dulwich’s Georgian Heritage which will look at some of the surviving Georgian Houses and hear about their occupants. The route is circular, on level ground, and the walk will last around 1½ hours. Meet front of Bell House, College Road. Tickets £5 from Dulwich Festival Box Office.

A Celebration of Poetry
Monday 14th May
Bell House, College Road

Following William Marshall’s response in the last issue of the Journal regarding the absence of a Dulwich based poetry group, the Dulwich Society will sponsor a Celebration of Poetry in the Dulwich Festival on Monday 14th May at 7.30pm. The event will feature poetry readings by award-winning poets Jane Duran, Iain Sinclair and Rachel Long. In addition there will also be a selection of readings of the work of the late Dannie Abse. Dannie Abse was a central figure in the original Dulwich Poetry Group which met in the 1950-60’s at The Crown & Greyhound. The event will take place at Bell House. Tickets £10, to include a glass of wine (over 14 and under 25 £6) from The Dulwich Festival Box Office.

Bell House will also be the venue for a new Dulwich Poetry group to be formed after this event which will meet four times a year and feature local poets and an ‘open mic’ session.

Sunday 20th May
Pond Cottages College Road

The Dulwich Society will unveil an information plaque on the history of the Dulwich Mill, The Tile Kiln, Millpond and Pond Cottages and after an explanatory talk will conduct a history walk which will also include visits to the sites of former farms, the Tollgate, Dulwich College and the Covered Courts. Meet Pond Cottages 2.00pm. The talk and walk by Brian Green will be repeated at 4pm. tickets £5 from Dulwich Festival Box Office. The walk will be over level ground and suitable for wheelchairs.