News was received that Ann Grisnigt (neé Stone) died on 26th December 2018. Two weeks later, on 11th January further news was received that Bram, himself, had died, thus being reunited with his beloved wife who he met when she was a JAGS teenager and he was a 20 year old Dutch secret agent about to be parachuted into Nazi occupied Holland. As readers will recall, Bram had recently informed the Dulwich Society that the painting of Huize Anna, the code name for Tappen House (formerly Glenlea) on Dulwich Common where the Dutch intelligence agents lived and trained, and which was commissioned by The Dulwich Society and painted by local artist Audrey McLeod and presented to Bram, would, on his death be accepted by the Dutch War Resistance Museum.

Bram and Ann met in 1943 when he was travelling back and forth for specialist parachute training and she was still a schoolgirl. They fell in love, Bram parachuted into Holland in 1943 and after that Ann heard no more until 1945. In the meantime, Bram had been captured, and later imprisoned in Ravensbruck concentration camp. Liberated by the Russians, Bram later returned to Dulwich and married Ann at Emmanuel Church, West Dulwich. Bram was awarded The King’s Medal for Courage in the Cause of Freedom, a British decoration awarded to men and women of the Resistance.