As we remain in lockdown three it is good to be able to report how efficient and pro-active the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out in the Dulwich area has been. Local residents have two convenient locations, depending on the GP practice they are registered with. The two local primary care networks are working from either the new Tessa Jowell Health Centre or the Paxton Green Health Centre and it would appear that the number of vaccinations carried out is well ahead of the average.

Like other groups, the Society has pressed the Council to move forward on the promised plan to accurately assess the impact of the Dulwich Village LTN measures on both the centre of the Village, and the surrounding roads, and it would appear that progress is finally being made - by the time you read this it should have started. At the Council’s cabinet meeting on 19 January Dulwich Wood Ward Councillor Catherine Rose, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Environment and Roads, confirmed that consultations would begin early in February. She also reported that the Council is actively working on a number of changes to support Blue Badge holders and other vulnerable residents like those who need carers. The relevant part of the meeting can be found on the Council’s ‘You Tube’ account (between 8 & 17 minutes in)

The High Court judgement which set up the Scheme of Management in 1974 requires the Dulwich Estate to hold a formal meeting with four representatives of residents or local amenity societies at least twice a year - the Advisory Committee. In the past, the committee always met three times a year and intends to continue to do so in the future. For the past few years, the Dulwich Society has represented those amenity societies and has been successful in widening representation by asking members of local RAs to join it at the meetings. Following further discussion with the Estate this has been placed on a more formal basis with two of the four amenity society representatives coming from the Society and the other two representing RAs. Membership will be for a two-year term with two members rotating every year. The aim is to include a variety of RAs, both those from the more traditional streets and the 1960s estates to the south. The Estate recently wrote to a number of RAs seeking applications to join the Advisory Committee and James Thompson from the Springfield Estate RA and Martyn Deane from Peckermans Wood RA will be the first members. Sue Badman and Jeremy Prescott, two members of Executive Committee, will represent the Society.

Last but not least, it’s the time of year for membership renewals. If you have not yet paid, and want to remain a member of the Society, please respond to the membership’s secretary’s final reminder in this copy of the Journal.