It was probably 10 years ago that Yvonne Wilcox and Kim Baptiste first met, via a mutual friend, at The Dog for drinks. They knew straight away that they would get on; they both ran their own companies, they both worked with their husbands, both worked in Public Relations and marketing, and both were heavily involved in their children’s local schools.

It was therefore inevitable, really, that they would go on to team up and work together on a range of projects, some small launches, and some quite large events.

But they knew their desire to work together was more than just ad hoc projects. So, the opportunity came when they heard that Rachel Gluyas and Liz Boyd, who had successfully been running the Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House for the past 17 years, were stepping down. Fate seemed to have intervened, as the roles fitted them perfectly. It was their dream job; they were absolutely delighted when they were offered the shared role of becoming the new organisers for the Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House. They love organising and meeting people, and this combined both. What more could they want?

So, just weeks into the role, and working closely with the new Dulwich Festival Director, Annie Mitchell, they are loving it. Despite not having had a physical event since the start of the Covid lockdown (the 2020/2021 Dulwich Festival became virtual) the response has been amazing. Artists have met the tight deadlines and have been delighted that it is up and running again. Of course, Yvonne and Kim have been nervous about taking over from Rachel and Liz after so many years but with their incredible support and guidance it is all going to plan.

All their years of previous experience working with high street and niche designers and retailers, lifestyle brands and creative artisans - organising promotions, launches, photo- shoots, openings and events will now be pulled together to culminate in reinvigorating the Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House for 2022.

So their wish did really come true; they sit together each day, sharing three screens, running through registration forms and logging into G-drives but without doubt, the biggest highlight of their day is when they get to speak to the actual artists who have been so kind and who they are so looking forward to meeting and seeing their work at their open houses and studios. 

Dulwich Festival Volunteers - We Need You!

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Both are equally valuable whether you are walking delivering the Dulwich Festival Guide or the Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House catalogue or helping with the organisation of an event (anything from greeting and seating - to setting-up). We would love to hear from your - please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.