Edward Alleyn Statue Refurbished

The bronze statue commemorating Edward Alleyn by the sculptor Louise Simson and commissioned by the Dulwich Society was unveiled seventeen years ago. Although the Society received substantial donations from the Alleyn Foundation schools and the Dulwich Estate, the bulk of the cost was met from public subscription. The Dulwich Society continues to pay for the statue’s insurance. It has also recently paid for the re-waxing of the statue and the bronze plaques on the base, a process carried out by the foundry which cast it. This process recaptures the original pleasing patina and ensures the statue remains in good condition

Horniman Garden’s new micro forest

The micro forest at the Horniman Museum & Gardens was planted in January this year. A 300 square metre area has been redeveloped alongside the boundary with the South Circular, and planted, using the nature led Miyamaki method to create a dense and fast-growing micro forest that will act as a visual, noise and particulate barrier to the gardens. The work was carried out in-house by the Horniman’s professional and volunteer garden teams. Mostly native plants have been used but - with an eye on future-proofing for climate change - some have their origins in Southern Europe and North Africa, and sourcing the large number of seedlings required from nurseries impacted by Covid proved to be a challenge. There are currently about ten micro forests in the UK.

Funding was provided by a successful public appeal to which the Dulwich Society contributed £500. 

Dulwich Park Wildlife Conservation Area

In 2019, Will Walpole, the Dulwich Park manager, asked the Friends of Dulwich Park to assist with a bid for relocating a path and gate in the wildlife conservation area to avoid the removal of three ancient English oaks, thought to be at least 250 years old. The Dulwich Society assisted towards the bid for a grant by contributing £2500 alongside Southwark Trees Department’s £5000 and Dulwich Park Friends £2500 and a grant from Southwark’s CGS (Cleaner Greener Safer) Fund of £5000.

The work has now been completed and the boundary oaks saved. And there is still access to the wildlife enclosure without fear of branches dropping off without warning. It was also one of the final projects of the Council’s CGS project manager Andrea Allen. We thank her for her kind co-operation over a number of years.

Presidential Post Cart Progress

Kenneth Wolfe conveys the old Dulwich Post cart to its final (?) resting place at the Royal Mail Sorting Office, Alleyn Park