By John Taylor

Readers may remember an article in the Spring 2018 Journal about the local men and women who stood out against the War of 1914-18, either by refusing to serve or by campaigning against it. In the old borough of Camberwell, and beyond East Dulwich, was the centre of opposition, based in the HQ of the Independent Labour Party, hidden away between Hansler and Shawbury Roads.

"The No-Conscription Fellowship met there on Wednesdays: gave advice to intending conscientious objectors, heard their letters from jail read out, gave friendship and support to the families, carried out prison visits, fed information back to head office and organised regular anti-war rallies on Peckham PRye.

John Taylor's further research on war-resisters in the present borough of Southwark gives a full account of this activism. Both volumes are now available online, thanks to Sands Films in Rotherhithe. They can be accessed using the link