Bill Hale (1930-2010)

Older members of the Society will be saddened by the news of the death of Ian (Bill) Howe.  Bill was a stalwart of the Dulwich Society in the 1970s and 80’s and was an enthusiastic member of the Garden Group from the moment it was formed and it was there he made many friends including two very different but very remarkable men; Gerald Fairlie and Theo Frankel.  Both were expert gardeners and both devoted to Dulwich.  Bill was very pleased when he was asked to return to Dulwich to unveil the memorial stones to these two on the inner side of the wall at the entrance to the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Bill was born and grew up in North West Leicestershire, the son of Dorothy and Leslie Hale.  Bill lived with his sister at the  family home,  ‘Bird How’, 92 College Road and after Lord Hale of Oldham’s  death in 1985 the house was too large and two years later Bill and his sister decided to move back to their native Swannington.  In retirement Bill continued to support local projects such as the restoration of Swannington windmill and the establishment of a stand of birch trees on Swannington Incline.  ‘Bird How’ was demolished soon after Bill left, by the Dulwich Estate and the site redeveloped with six houses in a small estate named Dulwich Oaks.