New Vice-President

Dr Gary Savage, Headmaster of Alleyn’s School has agreed to become a Vice-President of the Society. He joins Marion Gibbs, Headmistress of James Allen’s Girls’ School; Dr Joseph Spence, Master of Dulwich College; Peter Lawson RIBA, Ian Dejardin, Director of Dulwich Picture Gallery; HH Michael Goodman and HH Michael Rich as Honorary Vice-Presidents.

Diamond Jubilee Dulwich Archive - good and bad news:

In order to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee the Society is proposing to set up a ‘Dulwich Archive’ - our current plan is to house it in Rosebery Lodge in Dulwich Park. It would be a permanent exhibition of Dulwich History, with reproductions of old pictures and maps, and it would also house the Dulwich post cart that, until recently, used to be in the Post Office. Our aim is to open on certain days in the year to the public, eg summer weekends and the Dulwich Festival, but more frequently for schools and other interested groups.

At the March Dulwich Community Council meeting the Council awarded the Society substantial CGS funding which would have allowed the ground floor rooms at Rosebery lodge to be completed. Unfortunately the Council’s Property Division appears to have a different agenda and seems unwilling to allow the Society to occupy the space, even when we are prepared to make a substantial financial contribution towards the refurbishment.

They intend to go out to ‘the market’ to seek expressions of interest. Has no one told them that it took nearly 10 years to sort out Whippersnappers’ occupation of College Lodge and that, when they previously asked for potential tenants for Rosebery Lodge, they had no response at all?

Dulwich Society 50th Anniversary:

The Society was founded in 1963 and next year it will be 50 years old. This is an important anniversary for an amenity society such as ours and we are currently putting together a comprehensive series of events for 2013 which will be publicised later this year.

Oral History project: As part of the Archive project, and the 50th anniversary celebrations, the Society is setting up an oral history project. Our aim is to invite local residents of varying ages to a series of discussions where we will record their memories on tape. These will then be transcribed and kept in the Dulwich Archive and the Southwark Local Studies Library. The project will start in the summer and if you would like to volunteer, either as a participant or as part of the recording and transcribing team, we are keen to hear from you. Please contact Ian McInnes on 0208 693 6313 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Bernard Nurse at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or look out for more information on the notice board outside the Post Office in the Village.

2012 Cleaner Greener Safer funding - good news

Southwark Council has managed to identify some CGS (Cleaner, Greener, Safer) funding for this year and the Society was very pleased to learn that the six of our submissions for funding were successful.

Village ward:
New Finger posts - £5,000*
Dulwich Archive/Museum - £20,650*
Aquatic Plants in Belair Lake - £4,582*
Belair Park entrance gates on South Circular - £4,000
North Dulwich Signs - £750

*The Society will be adding some matching funding to these items

College Ward:
St Peters Church Wall - £16500
(The Society will be adding £3000 to this sum and the Heritage of London Trust has already confirmed that they will contribute a similar amount pending confirmation of matching funding from the church)

The Friends of Belair Park were also successful with their proposal for new playground equipment for the Under Fives and a CGS grant of £13,000 has been made for this purpose.

Dulwich Society grants

The Society has agreed to donate £500 towards improving the rivulet in Dulwich Park and has also planted Black Poplar trees in Long Meadow at a cost of £250 and made available a further £200 for additional tree planting. The Society is also to support the publication of a booklet on The Concrete House, Lordship Lane at a cost of up to £300 once the restoration is completed.

Membership Update

There was a good response to our request in the last issue for members’ email addresses, but we need more. The facility to send our members information and updates is essential and email will let us do this. The addresses would only be used for important local issues and upcoming Society walks and talks or other events which do not fit easily with the Journal’s regular time table.

If you are happy for us to contact you via email please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will add your email address to our membership list.