The recent Dulwich Community Council heard an urgent request to provide additional traffic control measures outside Dulwich Hamlet and Dulwich Village Infants in Turney Road. There had apparently been cases of parents dropping children off on the zig zag lines and, even more dangerous, incidents where drivers had driven on the wrong side of the road around the pedestrian islands. Unfortunately the scheme proposed had been put together in a hurry without any thought of the implications on local residents’ parking and is having to be re-thought.

While it is clear that something needs to be done here, it is also illustrative of a piecemeal approach to traffic improvements in the area where an attempt to solve one problem, eg cycling safety, impacts adversely on pedestrians or car drivers - the Burbage Road traffic island is a case in point where the Society has secured CGS funds for the pedestrian island to be put back. Something similar has nearly happened further down in Turney Road where the London Cycling Campaign, without consultation, is proposing new cycling lanes which will seriously impact on residents' parking.
In order to try and look at all aspects of traffic movement in Dulwich more holistically, the Society, together with campaigning group 'Safer Routes to Schools', is sponsoring a public meeting where Sustrans (the charity that campaigns for sustainable transport) will put forward a range of options for improvements which will. it is hoped, benefit everyone, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport and car users alike.

There are already some good ideas on the table including the proposed off-road cycle and pedestrian route through the Herne Hill Velodrome and Griffin Sports Ground to link Burbage Road to Dulwich Village, and the new junction improvements at Townley Road and Calton Avenue. Other possibilities include converting Gilkes Place into a pedestrian priority road as part of the S G Smith redevelopment or putting a cycling route along one side of College Road south of Dulwich Common.

Even very minor tweaks can have beneficial outcomes eg the instruction to coach drivers using Calton Avenue in the morning not to block the junction at Court Lane has improved safety for children crossing into the village schools.
What other innovative solutions are there? Come and find out on 11th June.

The Dulwich Society and the Dulwich Safe Routes to School Group of parents and schools invite you to a public meeting to discuss these issues. It will be in the upstairs meeting room at the Crown and Greyhound, Dulwich Village, at 8 p.m. on Wednesday June 11.