An alternative solution to the contentious Townley Road/East Dulwich Grove junction was agreed at the Dulwich community Council meeting on 17 March with the proviso that there would be a monitoring regime to check its effectiveness. The weekend before, the Society hosted a well-attended public meeting on Southwark’s cycling strategy and its potential impact on the Dulwich area. Unfortunately a follow up meeting with Councillor Mark Williams, the Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, planned for April, had to be postponed because of the general election. The Society is keen to impress on the Council that a positive approach to public engagement is required and that, while residents appreciate the political impetus behind improvements for cyclists, other road users, and pedestrians, have also to be considered

The proposed one hour limit for parking in Dulwich Village is on hold. It seems that this policy which was to be introduced in all shopping areas in Southwark is being reconsidered after a large number of objections from both traders and residents. The Society still feels that it would be of benefit in Dulwich - anecdotal evidence suggest that a large number of the parking spaces in the Village are taken by the traders themselves or teachers, this cannot be good for local businesses, not all residents live in the village and can walk to the shops.

The Society has also been active in supporting the objectors to the proposed mobile phone mast on the corner of Half Moon Lane and Village Way, which was rejected by the Council. The planning application for the new Herne Hill Velodrome Grandstand is currently being considered by Southwark and there were public consultations over Southwark’s proposal to convert Holmhurst, on the corner of Burbage Road and Half Moon Lane, into an adult residential care home run by the Optima group.

Depressingly, March and April saw four out of the five pubs on the Dulwich Estate closed - the Alleyn’s Head was the only pub where you could find a drink. The Dulwich Woodhouse was being refurbished; the Half Moon Hotel remains closed (though we understand that the Estate is talking to a potential pub operator) and we are still waiting to see redevelopment proposals for the Grove Tavern on Lordship Lane. Meanwhile work on the Crown and Greyhound continues - hopefully the bars will be open by Christmas.

On the other Dulwich’s Estate developments, the West Dairy site is moving forward and hopefully work will start on site in the late Autumn. On S G Smith former workshop, there is no news but recent English Heritage listing activity in Dulwich Village over the parish hall and the stone stocks plaque (see page 18) may delay it.