The Dulwich Players Present (In person!) - Much Ado about Nothing

By William Shakespeare

In the gardens of Bell House, 27 College Road, Dulwich, SE21 7BG

Much about something?

We've got so used to wanting to do something this summer, but on this occasion you might just want to think about making much ado about nothing! War heroes Don Pedro and his soldier-boys turn up at Governor Leonato's house hoping for a well-deserved rest … but when has that ever worked out? Claudio loves Hero; Benedick despises Beatrice (and the feeling is mutual she will assure you). Pedro's pals are either obstinately love struck or in denial of their emotions allowing the Don's half-sister Donna Juana and the beastly Borachio to hatch a plot to tear their worlds apart. But never fear! The local neighbourhood watch are on call to intercede swiftly and bring them to justice ... right?!

The beautiful Bell House beckons you to do nothing but be bewitched by a sharp fast-paced rom-com based on trickery and mistaken identity. In a generation of fake news, The Dulwich Players bring clarity, modernizing a scorching Shakespearean sizzler with a citrus-fresh twist.

Be a Hero (not a rotten orange) and join us!

Performance dates:
Saturday 26th June : 2pm and 5pm
Sunday 27th June: 2pm and 5pm
Saturday 3rd July: 2pm and 5pm
Sunday 4th July : 2pm and 5pm

Tickets £12 and £8 (under 18) are available to buy online (Ticketsource - a small fee payable.)

We will be offering refreshments (but of course you are welcome to bring your own). Please bring your own seating, be it chairs or rugs.

Peter Pan - the video!

You might also be interested in watching some or all 17 episodes of Peter Pan performed online over the past year and now available on YouTube so you can now binge-watch every chapter from the comfort of your own home!!

"Peter Pan" by J.M.Barrie, was adapted and directed by Hayley Blundell, with co-director Anna Kandasamy and Animation & Special Effects by Gill Daly.

Peter Pan can be viewed on the Dulwich Players YouTube Channel here: