By Paul Barber, Chair of Trustees

The Abbeyfield Society is a national charity with over 500 properties across the UK. Some are nursing homes and others, like Abbeyfield Dulwich, offer supportive retirement living. At Dulwich we have been providing a sheltered home for elderly residents in Stradella Road since 1963. Originally at two separate properties, we are now at numbers 89 - 91, two adjoining houses with six flats, one studio flat, and a large and well - tended garden. We are a charity and are delighted to be part of the community but we are also conscious that some people may be new to the area and not familiar with our work.

Our seven residents come from a variety of backgrounds and some of them have family connections in the area. The residents live independent lives but benefit from two home - cooked meals a day, taken communally, as well as their own flats which they furnish themselves. Residents are self - supporting in lots of ways but also like the security, sociability and community that Abbeyfield offers.

We have three permanent staff members, but, like any charity, we rely on help from a wide range of volunteers to make the house run smoothly and promote our friendly atmosphere and caring ethos. There are games sessions, summer garden events, occasional talks and a few outings each quarter to join in with, and all the residents enjoy the company of younger and older neighbours!

We find that our residents are very proud of the warm and interactive life that we offer in the house and, should you wish to enquire further about our charity, have a tour of the house on behalf of yourself or a relative, or join the volunteer team, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.