The cover of a magazine is its front door that you open to go inside. Welcome to our new look Journal. For those of you who don’t immediately recognise the subject of our cover image, I invite you to stroll around the village centre and enjoy.

Everything is new for this edition of the Journal of the Dulwich Society. We have new editors, Ian McInnes and Claire Richards, who have taken over as custodians of our treasured flagship publication. We have also taken a couple of measures to be more environmentally friendly. The new larger format has reduced off - cut wastage and the uncoated paper not only makes the paper more easily recycled but also will reduce glare and makes the text and images clearer to the eye. And the paper feels good too. Inside you will still find your favourite topics covered.

Welcome to our new editors. Ian is our immediate past chairman and the current chair of our local history group and has had a career as an architect. Claire had a career as a chartered accountant and is interested in culture and sustainability. They welcome input from our members and you can contact the editors with ideas and comments on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I hope that you agree with me that they have put together a terrific edition and I invite you to feast on the pages that follow.

In this issue of the Journal, we have an interesting article on the DIY skaters at The Grove. Tilly, the author of the article, volunteers with the skaters and she is an inspiration of community engagement. The skaters and our community owe her a debt of gratitude. I won’t say more and will let you learn about their good works from the article. Looking forwards, however, The Grove will one day be redeveloped and then we will need to help them find a new base.

Thinking ahead to the autumn issue of the Journal, our editors are already hard at work on the pipeline of interesting and informative articles. One thing that the Journal will be looking at is Vision Zero. It is a concept to reduce deaths on the roads to zero by design, which has had success in Scandinavia and has now been adopted by the Mayor of London and TfL. The measures that are scheduled to be implemented in south London later this year will impact Dulwich, particularly as we have a large and growing number of cyclists.

In the months between editions of the Journal, you can keep up to date with all the latest news and events happening in Dulwich by subscribing to our monthly eNews. If you are not already signed up, just go to the camera app on your smartphone, point it at the QR code here and follow the instructions. Alternatively, email our membership secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please also don’t forget the Society’s website which is updated regularly and is worth visiting just to browse. New articles include a series of themed walks, where you are guided by your phone. Alongside the Dulwich Half Marathon from the Spring Journal, we now have mapped walks on the website covering Dulwich’s radicals, our blue plaques and our historic boundary markers. Also keep an eye out for new walks which we are currently working on, including one featuring some of our magnificent trees, others focused on our iconic architecture and finally our varied street art. If you have an idea for a themed walk, please let us know. Our Local History group has also been busy adding research and reformatting some pages of the website to make them more user - friendly. It is now easy to access our section on Dulwich People (previously Who Was Who in Dulwich) covering 130 famous names, and Dulwich Places (previously Gazetteer) covering 300 places. You can delve in to find interesting gems and you will find links to them at the bottom of the website’s homepage.

Before I go, just a reminder about the Diamond Anniversary Party of the Society on Thursday 13 July. Ticket numbers are limited so make sure to get yours as soon as possible.