Edward Alleyn Statue

Following the vandalism of the figure of the poor scholar by its removal from its plinth and its subsequent recovery and resetting; the Dulwich Society has obtained the permission of the Dulwich Estate to attach a CCTV camera to the wall of The Old College at a cost of £2500.  In addition the statue will be treated with the Smart Water process and notice of both precautions will be displayed.

Notice Board

The Society has relocated its notice board to the wall underneath the Post Office’s canopy in the Village.  It was previously in the grounds of Dulwich Hamlet School where it became an item in the taxi drivers’ The Knowledge.

Dulwich Hospital War memorial

As reported in the last issue, the First World War memorial cross in the grounds of Dulwich Hospital is being restored with funds from English Heritage and Southwark Primary Care Trust. The Society has agreed to donate £1000 towards the creation of a small memorial garden and the provision of a wooden seat beside the memorial.

Garden Group

The Dulwich Society’s annual directory of ‘Dulwich Gardens open for charity’ will again be published in March 2010.  If, during next summer.  you are planning to open your garden for charity, please contact John Ward – Tel: 020 7274 5172, Email: jjbwrd@btopenworld.com as soon as possible, so that he can include details.

Five thousand copies of the directory will be circulated to local garden enthusiasts.

We are planning to include in the directory, a list of Garden Designers who operate in the Dulwich area. If you have used, or know of, a good garden designer, please let John have the contact details.

Walking and cycling to schools in Dulwich

Dulwich has a concentration of schools. Every school day about 7,500 pupils travel to the seventeen primary and secondary schools in the area. Some of the school journeys are from out of the area, by car, coach, bus and train. Others are local journeys, by car, walking and cycling. The impact of schools travel is vividly shown by the difference in traffic during school holidays and half terms.

Parents and pupils living locally increasingly want to be able to walk or cycle safely to and from school. It helps combat obesity; it reduces pressure on the local and wider environment; and it helps learning. (Research confirms that pupils who walk or cycle to school learn better, especially at the beginning of the day)

The Dulwich Society, working with an established group of parents and school staff, is proposing a network of routes which would be safe, and be perceived to be safe, for walking and cycling between local homes and schools. Ideally, these routes would be off-road, using Dulwich’s open spaces. The network shown on the map would be about two-thirds off-carriageway and one third on-carriageway. The network will require agreement with the Dulwich Estate and with Southwark Council. The Society and schools representatives hope to obtain agreement to start the network on a pilot basis and expand it in the light of experience and available resources.

Representatives from each of the schools are discussing the proposal in their schools. These discussions will be brought together at an open meeting during next term.

Alastair Hanton, Chair, Dulwich Society Traffic and Transport Committee.

Meeting with Southwark Council Officers – 24th September 2009

The Society held a liaison meeting with Council Officers with the intention of obtaining a more thorough appreciation of the various projects that the Council has ongoing, or about to start, in the Dulwich area. This is an edited report of that  meeting.

Traffic Calming - implementation of the agreed traffic calming scheme in Dulwich Village is underway but will take the rest of the year to complete. The installation of new street lighting to Gallery road (using Heritage fittings) has started and detailed discussions over the resurfacing and re-kerbing are in progress.   

General Resurfacing & Footway Repair – we queried how road repair funds were allocated following the substantial upgrading to the pavement in Alleyn Park, Court Lane and Dulwich Wood Avenue. The Council confirmed that it has a long term programme which prioritises those roads which need work. We said that it would be good to know in advance where these are and have some idea of time scales.

Dulwich Park  Lodges - Rosebery Lodge –the squatters have now been removed and the building secured. Urgent steps were being taken to find an occupier. College Lodge: The Council confirmed that they expected Whippersnappers to be operational by the end of July 2010.

Belair Park – the new public facilities in this park have been slightly delayed while further discussions are held with the Dulwich Estate. We pointed out that these sorts of queries should have been done much earlier.  

Post and Chains – the programme of remedial and refurbishment works to the area north of the main Village cross roads would start week beginning October 5th – and it did.

North Dulwich Station – work is due to start on the remedial work to the York Stone paving very shortly.

C G S Grants – progress is being made on replace the wooden gate at the entrance of Great Brownings from Low Cross Wood Lane and the installation of a metal gate and railings to control unauthorised vehicle/pedestrian access to the area behind 12-24 Half Moon Lane. Prices have been obtained for the new fence at the Marlborough Cricket ground and the footpath access works in Giles Coppice. The report on the condition of the water fountain on the Burbage Road junction roundabout has been issued.