Communication – how does the Society keep in touch with its members, how does it keep them up to date with things happening in Dulwich? The answer is not always very well – we do put news items in the Journal, but it comes out every three months so cannot be up to date. We have a website which is updated fairly regularly, but perhaps not as frequently as we would like, and do our members visit it? We also have a notice board outside the Post Office in the Village - but that’s more for posters of upcoming events than news.

So what is the answer? We must move into the 21st century with social media and electronic communications. If members want to know about what’s happening in Dulwich, they need to give us their email addresses. We have repeatedly asked for this in recent copies of the Journal but the response has been poor, we only have email addresses for about 15%– it’s not enough.

It’s not just about members complaining that they don’t know what’s going on in Dulwich, the volunteers who run the various Society committees need to know that we are representing your views. Other Societies use email regularly - you only have to look at the Turney and Burbage Road Residents Associations. They have email contacts for all their members and they keep in regular contact with a monthly newsletter and, if a major problem comes up, immediately. There was a recent burglary there where someone bashed in a front door, took the car keys off the hall table and drove the car away –despite there being an alarm. It happened at 3:30am and by mid-morning all residents knew about it.

So it’s really down to you, the membership. If you want to know what’s happening in Dulwich and what the Society is doing about it, we need to be able to contact you – please send us your email details (to so we can be more representative and thus more effective.