Dulwich Village Post Cart

The restored Dulwich Vilage post cart has been placed at Rosebery Lodge where it can be easily viewed and secured in a covered space. Rosebery Lodge, which is now leased by The Dulwich Society has a photographic display showing the history of a number of local farms which existed into the 20th century and which in time become playing fields as demand for milk and the grazing of horses changed.

Rosebery Lodge Administrator:

The Society is looking for a volunteer administrator who would be prepared to manage the running of Rosebery Lodge in Dulwich Park. It would take about an hour a week and mainly involve maintaining the diary (Dulwich & District U3A are the main users at present). If you are interested please contact the membership secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

One Fountain Drive

This house is one of the few original houses on College Road - dating from the 1860s it is in poor condition and has been squatted for some time. Over the last 20 years various purchasers have come up with redevelopment schemes in the grounds but all have failed because of the unacceptable impact on the trees and wildlife in the garden.

Recently a new purchaser proposed a different scenario - that is to demolish the old house and build a row of three storey town houses on the footprint by the road - thus reducing the need to build in the garden. With active support from neighbours and a request to call in the application by local councillors one would have thought it would have been a dead cert for approval but not so apparently. Planning officers turned it down under delegated powers and it now appears that they have their own ideas for the site -to build a block of tall flats. Quite where this has come from we don’t know, they don’t own the site, and a tall building does not seem particularly appropriate given all the adjoining properties are two to three stories - or are they looking to increase the Council’s income through additional CIL payments (Community Infrastructure Levy) - a tax on new developments based on floor area.

It seems that while a large number of objections to a development mean that it goes to planning committee, a large number of letters in support has no such effect. The Society continues to campaign for planning decisions to be bought back to the local community and this case confirms that it needs to happen.

Car parking in Dulwich

The Society is grateful to those of its members who expressed views in response to the article in the last issue of the Journal.

We have had about 50 replies, and would like more. The number of responses and opinions clearly reflected the perceived needs in the different areas of Dulwich. Those most affected by the recent CPZs in Lambeth and North Dulwich, and by proximity to schools and rail stations, were the most positive of the benefits of controlled parking zones - they constituted just under two thirds of the total respondents.

If you have views on whether CPZs would be a help or a hindrance to parking in your road please let the traffic and transport committee know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.