The civil engineering work on the junction was completed at the end of September but TfL still has some operational inconsistencies to resolve over the current signal phasing. These impact on the foundation school coaches and has led to some of the problems picked up in the recent safety audit - see below.

The installation of the cycle facilities - the ‘gates’ and the low level cycle signals (currently the latter are operating at the same time as the main signals) is delayed pending the completion of a TfL trial in north London. This trial should have been completed in mid-October and, if successful, the go ahead should have followed at the beginning of November. It is unlikely that any installation in Dulwich will be complete much before the end of the year. In addition, a UTC (Urban Traffic Control) IT system needs to be installed and this will be linked to other nearby junctions eg Dulwich Village and Red Post Hill
An interim safety audit was carried out at the end of September - there was some concern amongst residents that it was not truly independent as it was carried out by another section of the firm that designed the junction. The comments include:

  • Left turn traffic into East Dulwich Grove is overrunning and impacting on the cycle lanes.
  • Right turn vehicles are not clearing the junction in time.
  • There are raised manhole and gas covers in the cycle lane which need to be adjusted.
  • The road surface on the raised table needs to be re-laid.
  • There are some road markings and the yellow box layout needs to be amended slightly.
  • There are design queries over the signal phasing - which TfL admit they have yet to deal with.

On the plus side, however, everyone has agreed that, from a pedestrian point of view, the new junction layout is a considerable improvement.