Lib-Dem Scheme of Management Survey

There's often criticism of Dulwich’s Scheme of Management. The purpose of the Liberal Democrat survey was to find out if, after 42 years, residents in general felt it was 'fit for purpose' in today's very different world. Approximately 2,500 letters were delivered with 402 replies: a 16% response rate (compared with a statistical average of 5-7%). It is clearly an issue that matters to people.

A majority recognised that the Scheme had helped to protect the area from 'inappropriate alterations and development', though opinion was evenly divided when asked whether planning controls (including conservation) were now adequately covered by Southwark Council. Only 38% of respondents, however, thought it acceptable to have to pay for planning permission from both the Estate and Southwark.

Nearly half (48%) of those who replied were unhappy with the conditions imposed by the Scheme, compared with roughly a third (34%) who were content. This was reflected in more detailed questions where well over half (57%) were unhappy with the fairness/efficiency of the Scheme's procedures.

Overall, over half (53%) thought that the Scheme should be reformed, whereas 37% were content with the status quo. The majority of those who wanted change were happy to pay a charge for the maintenance of the amenity spaces but not at all happy with the limitations on their freeholds.

At the time of going to press we await the results of the Estate's own survey and their reaction to ours, before deciding on future action, preferably through a Neighbourhood Forum.

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Brigid Gardiner

The Dulwich Estate - Scheme of Management Survey

The Dulwich Estate sent out the fourth edition of the Charity’s newsletter Bulletin to the 4,000 households which are subject to the Scheme of Management. This invited residents to complete an on-line survey the purpose of which was to enable the Trustees of the Charity - as Managers of the Scheme - to assess its perceived effectiveness. There were 100 respondents, 58 respondents backed their replies with specific comments. These will be analysed and carefully assessed by the Trustees but it is clear that there is some confusion over what is within the control of the Estate and that of the local authority , e.g., posts and chains in the Village (the dilapidated ones are the Council’s), the proliferation of rubbish bins, the highways and footpaths and the proposed ‘quietways’.

To the question whether the Scheme is effective in preserving the overall character and amenities of the Dulwich Estate for the common benefit 70% considered it was quite or very effective. 27% considered it totally or quite ineffective. 70% thought the Scheme effective in Amenity areas (Dulwich Woods, and Millpond) 16.5% ineffective. 62% thought it effective as regards the urban streetcape, 28.5% ineffective.
On the question of response when contacting the Scheme of Management regarding building works, 53% were satisfied, 24% dissatisfied. For tree works 47% were satisfied, 25% dissatisfied.

To the question whether residents would be prepared, in principle, to pay more for an enhanced service 51% said no, 35% said they would.

The detailed results of the Dulwich Estate Survey may be seen on the Estate’s website with a commentary on the responses received.