Re: Looking Around with the Editor - Autumn 2017

Dear Sir

Your history of Alleyn's Foundation omitted to mention a significant date: 31 July 1995. On this day, the Charity's current Governing Scheme was Sealed by the Charity Commission, renaming what was previously known as Alleyn 's College of God's Gift at Dulwich as 'The Dulwich Estate'. The Dulwich Almshouse Charity was then established as a charity in its own right (as you mention, this was previously the eleemosynary branch of the Foundation).

It is the Estate's 1995 Charity Scheme which dictates to the Trustees who the Foundation may benefit (only those charities named in the Scheme) and the apportionment of the annual income distribution to the Beneficiaries. The Trustees are obliged to adhere to the provisions of the Scheme as they have no discretion to alter these, in terms of who may receive distributions of income or capital and in what proportion. The duty of the Trustees is to ensure that the Charity operates strictly in accordance with its Scheme. Whilst the current Board of Trustees may recognise the merits of increasing the distribution to the Dulwich Almshouse Charity, to pursue this would bring it into conflict with its duty to act in the best interests of all the Beneficiaries; the Board has to operate within the framework of its Charity Scheme.

The Estate Board is fully supportive of the work of the Dulwich Almshouse Charity and it endeavoured to enable that Charity to fulfil its aim of building a new almshouse to provide fit for purpose, lifetime homes, for the Charity's residents. The Estate was making available both land and resources to the Almshouse Charity and it is most disappointing that Southwark Council failed to give due weight to the opportunity to have 20 new homes (plus communal meeting rooms) for the elderly when determining the planning application. The Estate is committed to continuing to assist the Almshouse Trustees in this objective.

One further point of clarification, please: funds from the Estate to the Foundation Schools are applied towards bursaries; they are not used to partially subsidise the education of all other pupils.

Yours sincerely

Martin Bagley
Chairman The Dulwich Estate.