The length and breadth of Dulwich is being plastered with signs all concerned with new or amended traffic measures. In Gallery Road alone there are four signs of varying size and different messages within a 30 metre length of road. No wonder drivers are distracted and in consequence invariably fail to notice cyclists negotiating the roundabout. A fatal accident is waiting to occur.

We now hear that cameras are to replace the planters at the junction of Dulwich Village/Calton Avenue/Court Lane. They will of course be surrounded by more signs. If signs are vital then surely a better way would be to put lettering on the road surface.

We are also told that there have been protests about the signage of the new parking facility in Dulwich Village. The protesters say that they are being brushed off by Southwark Council over a requirement for users to call a centre on a mobile phone, despite the first hour of parking being free. Elderly people using the parking facility, perhaps to get a doctor’s prescription, and are very likely not own a mobile phone are also penalised. Worse still, actual mobile phone users complain of the poor signal and inability to register for parking.