Advice on avian flu by the Dulwich Society Wildlife Group, December 2022

We are not aware of any dead birds attributable to avian flu in Southwark. However we know that wild birds have died in the Greater London, Thames and Kent coast areas through HPAI – Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HN51) and that the disease is still with us so we should be aware of the consequences. So far it has affected 65 species of wild birds including geese, ducks, gulls, seabirds, terns and birds of prey.

Collecting carcasses is essential to minimise any further spread of the disease and the advice from DEFRA is:
If you are a local authority, landowner or land manager, you must remove dead wild birds if they are a risk to human health. You should also consider removing dead wild birds if they are:
- on residential premises
- in an area used by children or pets
- on a public right of way or an area people often visit
- in an area where wild birds regularly feed, breed or roost
- in an area where animals are likely to scavenge them
Report dead birds to DEFRA on 03459 335 577 if you find:
- 1 or more dead birds of prey (such as an owl, hawk or buzzard)
- 3 or more dead birds that include at least 1 gull, swan, goose or duck
- 5 or more dead wild birds of any species
Further information is available on the DEFRA website.